Lunch, Nigella and John Wayne

The problem with being a reasonably good cook is that most dining out experiences tend to be disappointing.

It’s been a food-centric week with functions and friends and I haven’t had a decent feed yet. Case in point : this offering from an acclaimed Brisbane CBD establishment for which I waited 90 minutes.

Forty dollars. Really Brisbane -you can do better!

Lunch with a girlfriend at an RSL acknowledged as the best in Brisbane was “ordinary” with a wait time of an hour and no table service. We dialled for a pizza on the trip home.

The best foodie experience was at a new suburban cafe where I stopped for coffee and cake after having been to the flicks to see The Searchers. We may all know the storyline but we don’t all know the landscape. Up on the big screen it was simply majestic and the rocks won over John Wayne for the full 122 minutes.

Cafe Two 14 was a find. It’s beginnings are founded in the history of the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry).

“The 2nd/14th LHR (QMI) was formed in 1952, though sentimentally traces its lineage to 1860. Consequently, there was a claim that it was the oldest Australian Regular Army unit through the antecedent units 2nd Moreton Light Horse (QMI) and the 14th West Moreton Light Horse (QMI) and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010. Cafe Two 14 continues to honour our heritage and the veterans who served Australia in the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment by adopting the green and white patch colours in our branding as well as their motto, ‘forward’.”

The Director is ex military and the Cafe raises funds for social justice programs to assist veterans.

I’m channelling Nigella Lawson again today – chest out, tummy in , wine in hand. I’m cooking chicken marinated in mango and sweet chilli with a Middle Eastern Fattoush Salad, with green beans and potato salad for friends for lunch. Allow me to show you how to cook in a drought, Brisbane.

14 thoughts on “Lunch, Nigella and John Wayne

      1. Funny you should mention that…since we live on the Gulf of Mexico, but have to pay outlandish price for Gulf Pink shrimp since it is shipped out all over the world. We can get really good Tiger Shrimp for half the price, and it comes from China. 6000 miles and two oceans away.

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  1. I had not thought about it, but it is true. Being a reasonably good cook does often leave one disappointed with what is served in many restaurants. What I often cook with inspiration, i.e., without recipe, is more often than not better than I pay exorbitant prices for in restaurants. Why is that?


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