Change of Seasons

Spring slipped right by us and this week we ran screaming into Summer. Ceiling fans and salads are the order of the day once again. Sadly, this means that some of the projects I planned aren’t going to happen because of the heat.

The pumpkins are loving all the sunshine and have taken over my minuscule lawn. While they are producing I don’t mind but as soon as they stop they will be culled. Too good a place for snakes to hide. Project 1 successfully completed: blade of snake decapitator sharpened.

Project 2 : completed my James Bond jigsaw puzzle. Purchased in Tasmania during my August travels it has been calming when the news on the tv proved overly distressing (which is most of the time).

A DIY Lazy Susan project for Pocahontas for Christmas. The base is a coffee table top I purchased for $10 from the hardware store with $6 spent on the turn table. Bargain! The condiments I purchase to go with it will undoubtably be costly.

Project 4 is a work-in- progress. A gift for the Little Person. Just turned two he refuses to go by the name of Harrison. “No MeeMaw, it’s just Harry”.

I love art. Used to buy a piece every Wedding Anniversary – which I duly lost in the divorce. Have absolutely zilch artistic ability but I love colour. It makes me feel good and it hugs the spirit. Treated myself to a couple of hours painting ceramics during the week. Lots of colour added to a serving platter. My last one chipped after five glasses of champagne. Lets be clear : the platter didn’t consume the plonk, I did. Currently being fired. Touch wood for a successful conclusion to Project 5.

Project 6 required propagating plants for seeds. I now have 20 chilli seedlings and four mandavillas.

Project 7 : Epic Fail. First Guest Bedroom is stripped and sugar soaped. I lack the energy in this heat to continue

Project 8 : Christmas Shopping done and dusted. I live by the mantra ” No shopping centres come November”.

Two carloads from the garage have been taken to the Tip. Did not bring back any Frangipani cuttings for potting. Yay!

Project 10: Clear up a myth.
When the girls recently suggested going to the flicks to see Ticket To Paradise apparently one was supposed to get all giggles over the prospect of George Clooney. Ridiculous I know – I have Errol Flynn on movie posters all around my house ( which in hindsight may have contributed to the divorce). Anyway, George Clooney…………my father would call him “soapy”. I would say as boring as bat shite. Clooney and Julia Roberts are supposed to be in Bali stopping their daughter’s wedding. It’s a Furphy; filmed in Queensland. Ex-Clu-Sive Qld where rumour has it ol’ George’s twins were not accepted into certain venues.

Yep, Queensland; Winter one day and Summer the next.

Alfresco dining is very summer but you have to fight the midgies……….

12 thoughts on “Change of Seasons

  1. Sharon

    It’s not too bad up here but gees where did spring go? Love pumpkins, the triffids of the vegie patch, they just go everywhere, not so nice if hiding snakes though.

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  2. I love your projects! One question – what does sugar soaped mean?? As for condiments – son#1 has become enamored of Peri-Peri sauce and even more so Perinnaise (mayonnaise mixed with the Peri-Peri). I was able to score some at the grocery – they must have taken my suggestion seriously!

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    1. Sugar soap is a product on the market used to wash down walls before painting. Cleans all the grease off the walls. It’s more work than the actual painting but well worth it. We have a local company that uses designated Qld produce in their condiments which I like to send to interstate friends as small gifts : mayonaise with pineapple or ginger, mango chutney, that kind of thing. Peri-Peri isn’t big here.i’ve had it at the Nando’s chicken restaurants but they seem to have disappeared( Gone broke?)


  3. Love the ceramic platter! The colors are just right, and the flowers are very stylish. We are going into winter. I don’t like the real hot or the real cold, but our Fall has been wonderful with outstanding Fall colors. Stay cool!

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    1. Enjoying summer is not feasible. The humidity will soon get to the stage you can cut a knife through it and the snakes are breeding their socks off. Sounds like I’de better order-in some reading material:)
      Hope the tribe are doing okay and you are remaining sane. Have a beaut week:)


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