An Early Xmas With Bentley

My Christmas daughter and her military boy have left to follow the Inca Trail. This leaves me safely ensconced in the Hunter Valley on house and dog sitting duties, on a crusade to save the indoor plants.

If you think minding a Labrador is an easy task, think again. Bentley failed both Puppy School and Obedience Classes before it was discovered he was as deaf as a doorpost. I wailed like a banshee when he was finally diagnosed, happier to think he was merely recalcitrant. A “ revenge is sweet” kind of thing……Thankfully, it took only months to master canine sign language.

So this spoilt pup, who has been my daughter’s companion for the last two years with the partner on deployment and elsewhere, has been dining on scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast on weekends, and fish and chips after his weekly half marathon.

Guess what ?

I love this pup like you wouldn’t believe but I refuse to feed him salmon and half marathons, any marathons at all, are definitely out of the question.

The plan is to entertain Bentley at the beach early every morning for a run and or/a swim, and hopefully he will practice patience whilst I lose an hour with the surf rod. Because of his hearing impediment I cannot let him off the lead – he is renowned locally for helping himself to both picnic baskets and eskys. His beautiful nature means that people laugh rather than fume.

No doubt Bentley will be weighed upon his parents return. My lean, mean fighting machine child likes her Labrador the same way.( A lean Lab – is that an oxymoron?).

This mother-of-the -bride’s main job was to find an outfit for Bentley to wear walking Josie down the aisle. It wasn’t easy finding a bow tie to match the bride’s shoes I tell you….

Back home blinds will be closed and the pup and I will enjoy the book and movie collection. And Netflix too if I can work out the instructions. The washing machine is proving a major challenge as well……..

It’s going to be a long six weeks. Thankfully, the Calvary arrives in a week in the form of the other daughter.

Warm Wishes for the Season, whatever that may mean to you.

10 thoughts on “An Early Xmas With Bentley


    Hi May! How are you?
    Bently looks adorable! Caitlin has done wonder s with him to keep him lean Lab. It s only in the Last few years I’ve worked out the Kleenex Lab tested toilet paper is all about.. Labrador tested haha #Thick. He s very clever to find the bin, sounds like a fabulous adventure for you all there. That s really unusual to hear of a Deaf Labrador. Sign langiage for dogs…. that is wild! When we were on the farm Ruby and Custard understood the Hand up signal to stay….sometimes…..
    It was just last night I registered to be a Puppy carer for Vision AUstralia. You.ll be sleeping extra well with all of the walks you.ll be going on. Hopefully all the silly weather has settled for a while.
    The Inca tail sounds very interesting.
    You;ll be right with the Hardware and the Netflix! When we got a new Bluetooth mirror for the new bathroom, Chantelle wrote out very simple instructions for me, for when no one was home with me. We had it on for the people coming to see the house. The song that would come up first was Bruno Mars…..Marry me… it was funny cause it was near Valentine s Day too.
    It s lovely you will all be together soon.
    Have a lovey Christmas and safe travels for everyone!

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