NY, Errol and Bushfires

Just over twelve months ago my first task upon retirement was to head to the New South Wales South Coast, my old stomping ground and source of many wonderful memories.

It was an opportunity to revisit this part of the world as well as reconnect with two beautiful lasses who played a major role in my life some forty five years beforehand.

Highway along South Coast

The beautiful south coast has been under siege for days. New Years Eve saw the residents and holidaymakers of one coastal township flee to the beach for safety from the raging bushfires. The battle continues with the navy enlisted to relocate people to safer shores.

My South Coast

So frightening, so compelling, so awful. I had to switch off the tele for some respite from the news.

Thinking of one of those childhood friends I put the same Errol Flynn DVD that we watched together just twelve months earlier. * Errol, chocolate, and pink champagne – what a way to spend a day together.

Again. Again.

This beautiful friend still has no power connected and sleeps on the couch watching for embers. Two houses in her street were lost to the fires and despite a call to evacuate this brave, headstrong woman chose to stay and defend. Vision impaired and a widow. No snowflake this lass.

My other friend still has no power. Food and fuel are low, but positivity and kindness are abundant. She can’t get out of her pocket of the world as the highway could be closed for weeks.

Another heatwave looms this weekend. My thoughts are with those doing it tough, and the firies and emergency service personnel who have been kept on their toes for weeks. To my two gal pals, to a blogger friend with the chocolate labs, and to all those affected……….no words. Just hang in there……..

*I also wanted to share a traumatic scene involving crabs with my daughter which to this day frightens the bejesus out of me and caused lifelong scars. I’m pretty fearless, except for seaweed which is where octopi and crabs lurk. Blame Against All Flags and Reap The Wild Wind and a lack of parental guidance.

But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my adrenaline loving child was only interested in recipes utilising crab meat. My neurosis was quickly sideswiped. And yes, my Thai Crab Balls were a success.

Child minding.

7 thoughts on “NY, Errol and Bushfires

  1. This has to be climate change and Mother Nature fighting back. It scares me to wonder if the country will ever recover from such a terrible roasting, and I mourn all the native animals and livestock that have been lost and then of course the survivors have lost their habitat. And here on the glorious Gold Coast, in contrast, the sun shines and holiday makers in their thousands flock to our beaches


    1. Pauline, I don’t think SE Qld is home and hosed yet. We have several months of hot weather to come. I’m with you regarding livestock and wildlife and also question our nation’s ability to recover. And then, my friend, we still have arsonists lighting fires and walking away with minimal punishment. The situation reminds me of the 2011 Brisbane floods which were horrible, but because of our proximity we were able to help, to assist, to get our hands dirty. This feeling of being useless is simply dreadful 🙂

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      1. Yes I hold my breath at the thought summer has just started and find it so hard to believe that there are people in this country that light fires for fun. No punishment could be hard enough for them.


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